Hi, there! I'm Jan Schädlich.

A freelance Software Developer with 15+ years of experience primarily focussed on PHP and Symfony development.

As a certified Symfony Developer and a regular Symfony contributor with a lot of experience gained through various roles while working for several companies in the IT industry, I can support you and your project in many ways.

I love working with legacy code. While I've had the opportunity to work on several legacy projects during my professional life, I've gotten a pretty good understanding of applying techniques like breaking down dependencies, sprouting out new functionality or using test-driven development to add new features and fixing bugs. And I know how important it is to apply all of these techniques by making them minimally invasive one at a time, so code bases get smoothly modernized without breaking any existing functionality.

I also believe that it is very important to share knowledge in different ways. I really enjoy coaching and mentoring developers on various topics by conducting code-reviews or pair-programming sessions and occasionally giving public talks or workshops.

Let's get into detail!

What I offer

I'm a certified professional with 15+ years of experience, and I can offer you the following services:

Development Support

I can support your development team with hands-on programming leveraging my strong experience in PHP and Symfony to provide well-designed and tested code.

Modernizing Legacy Code

I can guide your development team while upgrading your legacy application and migrating it towards a modern architecture without breaking any existing functionality.

Coaching and Mentoring

I can coach and mentor your developers regarding topics like PHP, Symfony, CI/CD, RESTful APIs, Test-driven Development, SOLID principles, Design Patterns and more by conducting code-reviews and pair-programming session, doing code audits or providing trainings and workshops.

Building a Team

I can support you in your hiring process by pre-filtering potential candidates, preparing assessments and code exercises to make sure you get the best developers for your team. I can also help with the technical on-boarding of new developers to ensure they get on track as fast as possible.


Languages and Tools

PHP 5-8, Symfony 1-6, Doctrine, Propel, Twig, PHPUnit, Behat, PHPStan, Rector, Deptrac, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Git, Jenkins Pipelines, Github Actions, Docker, k8s (newbie)

Principles & Methods

RESTful APIs, Test-driven Development, Clean Code, SOLID, DDD, CQRS

Modernizing Legacy

PHP & Symfony Upgrades, Legacy Migrations, Framework Migrations, Automated Refactoring

Talks & Workshops

Demystifying Bundles

June 16, 2022 - SymfonyWorld Online

What's new in Symfony 5.3

July 06, 2021 - Symfony User Group Hamburg

Symfony Notifier Demystified

December 09, 2021 - SymfonyWorld Online
June 17, 2021 - SymfonyWorld Online
April 16, 2021 - SymfonyLive Online
February 4, 2020 - Symfony User Group Hamburg

An Introduction to Deptrac

October 13, 2020 - Symfony User Group Hamburg

What's new in Symfony 4.4

June 01, 2020 - Symfony User Group Hamburg

What's new in Symfony 4.3

June 02, 2019 - Symfony User Group Hamburg

Workshop: RESTful Webservices in Symfony

December 6 & 7, 2022 - SymfonyWorld Online
June 14, 2022 - SymfonyWorld Online
December 7, 2021 - SymfonyWorld Online
June 15, 2021 - SymfonyWorld Online
April 14, 2021 - SymfonyLive Online
September 25, 2019 - SymfonyLive Berlin

I'm looking forward to hearing from you

Feel free to send me an email, drop me a tweet, or reach me via Xing or LinkedIn. If you want to see more of my work you can find me on Github and SpeakerDeck.